About Nippon Charity Kyokai

Social welfare is like a rope which continues from time to time, from one generation to another. As time changes, the social needs for welfare have also been changing.

Nippon Charity Kyokai is a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation serving Japanese society since 1966. From its establishment, we had been making our efforts to help improve social well-being of elderly and handicapped through various cultural activities.

Nowadays, the speed of change is faster than at any time in human history. We continue serving the society through welfare that meets the demands of the times.


For group and individual with disability

  1. Hosting “ParaArt” art school program for handicapped
  2. Hosting “ParaArt” art exhibition for artists with disabilities
  3. Organizing and operating annual Art Exhibition by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  4. Organizing and operating “Outing for Handicapped and Families” program by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  5. Organizing and operating annual “Concert for Handicapped and Families” event by Tokyo Metropolitan Government

For elderly

  1. Hosting annual Senior Choir Festival in Tokyo with more than 1,000 participants
  2. Hosting annual Kupuna Hula Festival, for senior Hawaiian Hula dancers
  3. Conducting independent quality assessment services for nursing homes

Nippon Charity Kyokai

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